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WildWest Institute
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Missoula, MT 59807
P: 406.396.0321

Welcome to the WildWest Institute

The WildWest Institute is a non-profit, grassroots environmental organization based in Missoula, Montana. Our mission is to protect and restore forests, wildlands, watersheds and wildlife in the Northern Rockies.

We help craft positive solutions that promote sustainability in our communities through jobs restoring naturally functioning ecosystems and protecting communities from wildfire. We also ensure that the government follows the law and best science when managing our public forests by fully participating in the public decision process and through on-the-ground monitoring.

Learn more about our current programs. Members are an important part of our success and we would appreciate your support, so please consider becoming a member.

WildWest News & Views

WildWest Institute's Twitter Feed >>>

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Ecosystem Defense

Ecosystem Defense Program
We ensure that the government follows the law and best science when managing our public forests through on-the-ground monitoring utilizing the latest scientific research on forest and fire management, biological diversity and ecologically-based restoration.

Watershed & Fire

Watershed & Wildland Fire Restoration Program

This program gets us involved with restoration and community fuel reduction projects in the Northern Rockies. Our goal is to work together with diverse interests to help be a catalyst for the establishment of a new, sustainable restoration economy.

Roadless Rockies

Roadless Rockies Program
America's last, best wild places lie deep in the heart of the Northern Rockies. The region has more roadless areas than any other part of the country, outside Alaska. WildWest supports full protection of these remarkable wildlands. Learn what you can do.

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